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Nepal is one of the most excellent travel destinations to spend holidays as there are many options for tourists to explore the holiday activities. Nepal is the paradise of culture, tradition, religion, landscape, wildlife and natural beauty, including the panoramic view of snow-capped mountains ‘Himalayas ‘, thousands of beautiful temples and monasteries. Nepal is country with diversified climate and Landscape best part of visiting Nepal is can enjoy shivering cold in Himalaya region, Moderate temperature in Hilly region and Hot weather in terai region within a limited period of time and low cost. With an Area:  1, 47, 181 sq. km, stretching 885 km from east to west and 193 km north to south. Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia bordered by China in the North and India in the South, East, and West. Nepal comprises 7 provinces and 753 local bodies.   


·      Topography: From the World’s Deepest gorge ‘Kali-Gandaki’ to the highest point on earth, the Mt. Everest at 8848.86m.

·     Vegetation: Nepal possesses some of the most outstanding bio-diversity in the world, ranging from sub-tropical Rain-forests to Alpine Deserts.

·     Climate: Climate ranges from sub-tropical in the low lands to Arctic higher altitudes

·     Seasons:Winter (December – February), Summer (March – May), Monsoon (June – August),
Autumn (September – November)
National Bird & National Flower: Impean Pheasant (Danfe) & Rhododendron Arboreum (Lali Gurans)

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