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Where is Nepal?

The country Nepal is pronounced as NAY PAHL. It is a land locked mountainous kingdom in southern Asia, located between India and China.

Currently over 26 million people of different races and tribes, living in different regions, wearing different costumes and speaking different languages occupy a total of 147,181 square kilometer (885 km east to west, and 193 km north to south) of this tiny country.

Nepal is a little larger than North Carolina State of America. Nepal is geographically, culturally, and linguistically diverse. The capital of Nepal is ‘Kathmandu’ but many love to call it by the name Catmando or Woodmandu or simply by the name ‘ city of temples’. Nepal is a kingdom of Himalayas, artistic monuments, exotic wildlife, and a unique harmony of diversified cultures. Nepal attracts visitors for casual holidays, tours, and adventure activities including ‘Everest Expedition’. Nepal is also popular for having its land the birth place of Lord Buddha, and birth place of Lord Sita. Agriculture and Tourism are two important revenues that keep this nation exist.

What is Nepal known for?

Nepal is known for Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, spectacular natural beauty that can be seen in its land especially hilly regions, known as the birth place of Lord Buddha, and the Hindu Goddess Lord Sita. Also known as the home of Gurkha Warriors. It is also known as a country with abundant Natural Water Sources.

What is the national language of Nepal?

Nepal’s national language is called Nepali. It is written in Devnagri Scrip. There are more than 72 different spoken languages in Nepal.

What is the common form of greeting in Nepal?

It is called Namaste or Namaskar. You can say the greeting in words as well as do it using a gesture. Join your palms together and bring them close to you chest and about 5-7 inches below your chin. The word Namaste has many meanings such as Hello, How are you? I am gland to see you, nice to meet you, good morning, etc.

What is the currency of Nepal?

Currency is spelled as Nepalese Rupees or Rupee (Rs) or in short NRS. 100 Paisa equals 1 Rs. Nepali Notes are 1000, 500, 250, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 2, and 1 rupees.

What are Nepalese people like?

Nepalese are friendly and hospitable by nature. Travelers count Nepalese among the best friends in the world. Nepalese respect Guests as God. And there is a popular Phrase every Nepali knows, it say “Guest equals God”. A part of the reasons why people revisit Nepal is because of the friendliness and warmth of Nepali people.

How much does it cost to get to Nepal?

Depending on which airlines you chose, when and where you buy your air tickets, and how quickly you want to reach Nepal, your cost will differ. Airfare for round trip, economic class, and high stop over.

What can I do in Nepal as a traveler?

So you found this country tiny? Hold your breath and discover what it packs! You can do so much only in Nepal. You can see in our website.

When is the best time to travel in Nepal?

Best time to travel to Nepal is Setember to November, and February to April.

How safe is traveling to Nepal?

Nepal is place of peaceful.

Is gambling allowed in Nepal? Or do you have Casinos?

Gambling is illegal in Nepal. There are closed Casinos in this time.

Is sex legal in Nepal?

Prostitution is illegal in Nepal. No free to operate a business such as opening a brothel.

Is my license valid for driving in Nepal?

International Driving license is valid for driving in Nepal. But due to traffic and road conditions driving in Nepal is not advisable. But if you would like to drive, go for a highway such as from Kathmandu to Pokhara where roads are wider and driving is a sheer pleasure.

What is the Night-Life like in Nepal?

Night life in Nepal is almost dead in comparison to other parts of the world. A few places in Kathmandu and Pokhara can offer you unmatched opportunities. You can have an enjoyable experience in Thamel, Lazimpat and Durbarmarg regions where hundreds of tourist shops, restaurants and bars awaits to your full entertainment and night-life hangouts. Metered Night Cabs are available so can you easily reach your hotels from any restaurants in the city area.

Do I need to obtain Permit before trekking in Nepal?

Trekking permit is only required to trek in the restricted areas such as Dolpa, Kanchenjunga. Permit can be obtained easily from the Tourism Department, located at Thamel, Kathmandu. Application can be submitted after your arrive in Nepal. The permit is not required to trek in areas such as Everest, and Annapurna.

Where can I find Maps about Nepal?

You can see Maps of Nepal in this book. and also see map of nepal in our website.

What is there to buy in Nepal to take back home?

There is just too much actually. You will not want to take back home Nepalese arts and crafts, handmade papers, Thangka -Tibetan Paintings, Pashmina, and Khukuri, silver Jewelleries, Nepali Cap, Nepali dress, Nepali Carpets, Fashion clothes, garments and accessories and…

How much does a taxi fare cost in Nepal?

From Kathmandu Airport to any part of the City should not cost you more than Rs 600.

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

The best season to visit Nepal is after the monsoons that end in August, and before the winter sets in. The months between September and December are the most preferred ones by the visitors, however many people enjoy tours at other times of year when there are fewer other visitors.

Is the water safe to drink on your tours?

On all of our tours we strongly recommend that you drink bottled water, which can be purchased from local shops and is very cheap to buy.

Do you allow children on your tours?

We allow children 12 years and over on our group tours. We recommend that families with children of any age take advantage of our private tours. This will give you more flexibility while on tour.

What is the average age on your group tours?

We have a very wide age range of people travelling on our tours. The average age is between 40-65, but younger and older passengers travel with us too!

What is the maximum and minimum number of people that you will take on a tour?

We never take any more than 28 people on our tours. The minimum number of people that we need for a tour to operate is 8, and 10. We also operate tour privately.

What star rating are your hotels?

All of our hotels in Nepal are of international five-star, four-star or three-star superior standard unless otherwise stated. The hotels are selected for their comfort, convenience of location and character.

What hours of the day do your tours operate?

Our tours generally start about 8am and end shortly after your evening meal.

What is a Trek?

A Trek is not a Mountain Climbing Trip. There are still only a few roads in Nepal extending deeply into the hills, so the only way to truly visit remote regions of the kingdom is walking. It requires more time and effort, but the rewards are also greater. Whether you begin your trek at a road head or fly into a remote mountain airstrip, a large part of it will be in the Middle Hills region at elevations between 500 and 3000 meters. While trekking you will see the great diversity of Nepal. Villages embrace many ethnic groups and cultures. The terrain changes from tropical jungle to high-glaciated peaks in only 150 km. You will experience unbeatable panoramic views of mountains, a diversity of landscape, flora and fauna, colorful cultures, friendly people and long gone ancient history. Trekkers leave Nepal with grand tales to share with their family and friends.

When to Trek ?

It is possible to trek all year around in Nepal depending on where you go. Spring and autumn (February through May and September through November) are the most popular trekking seasons with clear skies and warm days. Winter (December through January) can be very cold at high altitudes and mountain passes are snowbound. Trekking at low altitudes is possible during this time of the year. Monsoon (June through August) brings humid heat and heavy rain making the trails slippery. However, trekking regions like Mustang and Dolpo are unaffected by the monsoon because they lie north of the Himalayan where the rain clouds do not reach. But, the excitement varies in all season. For instance, winter season is good for viewing beautiful mountain-view, summer is food for greenery, floods and waterfalls and autumn is good for watching feast and festivals of various tribes etc.

What sort of preparation is needed before we come to Nepal for trekking?

You need not to worry about it. Leave your worries to us and ease our soul. We provide all the equipment needed on the trek. You may bring the general items for the trekking viz. comfortable walking boots and proof jacket, T-shirts, woolen cap and gloves, sunglass, Swiss knife, sun bun creams, binoculars, camera, films, reading material and first-aid kit so forth. But, Remember! Nowadays, these kinds of trekking items and other related equipments could be purchased /hired in Nepal.

Do you operate treks as per our wish?

Yes, we do operate customized treks. This brochure only contains a list of suggested treks 1 pax to more. It does not at all mean that you have to stick to this itinerary. We can arrange tailor-made trek to suit your schedule, preference and area of interest. They can be as short or as long according to your desire. Just, contact us and we will be glad to prepare an itinerary suitable to your own interests.






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